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Testimonials for John B. McHugh


Publishing Management Consultant and Author McHugh Publishing Guides

"I relied on Jack McHugh for an overview of our publishing program which was—happily in these times—straining under the pressures of expansion in all areas, most particularly books. With skillful leadership (not mine), the books group had become our leading growth business. Jack was asked to help us evaluate our workflow, assess our overall program strengths and weaknesses, and identify the areas where making a few strategic hires could best boost our bottom line and enlarge our audience. He scored aces on all three. Perhaps most to the point, we followed his recommendations and continue—again, in rough times—to prosper." 

David Beacom ,Publisher and Associate Executive Director, National Science Teachers Association (NSTA),1840 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA  


"Jack has worked with us on two critical projects, creating a request for proposal for contracting a new finished goods warehouse and launching a new on-line only journal.  We were successful with both projects because of Jack's development methodology and his exceptional ability to ask the right questions, not only of our potential suppliers, but also of our staff".

Bob Dreyfuss, ASTM's Assistant Vice President of  Publishing Services (Retired)



"It was a real pleasure working with Jack McHugh and Terri Mitchem on a marketing research study in March 2011 that gathered both qualitative and quantitative data to help our organization move into the digital arena. They were very professional, keeping deadlines, communicating often regarding tasks outlined in their scope of work, and providing excellent analysis of their findings from phone interviews, industry research, and online questionnaires.  I would definitely work with both of them again, if additional research in this area were ever needed, especially as technology and attitudes regarding digital publishing will certainly evolve in the future. We are moving forward in a cautious, yet informed manner, due to their diligence and innovative approach to data collection and analysis."  

Erin K. Grady, Director of Publication Production, AASHTO, Washington, DC


"Two years ago SMACNA retained the services of John B. McHugh, Publishing Management Consultant to perform a management audit of SMACNA’s publishing operations, and also to prepare a RFP for vendor selection for the distribution and fulfillment of SMACNA publications. 

Both services were performed in a timely and exemplary manner. In fact the management audit contained so many sound recommendations that it continues to be the resource against which our publishing operation successes are measured. While we decided not to outsource publication distribution and fulfillment services at this time, we have established a relationship with the top vendors identified and evaluated by Mr. McHugh, which will greatly facilitate that transition when the time comes."

"Our mid-sized international trade association engages a number of consultants addressing a broad range of issues. Our experience with Mr. McHugh and his work product has been outstanding. His passion for his field of work enabled us to develop a collegial rapport with him beyond the scope of our contract for which we are grateful. I would be pleased to discuss our experience."

Thomas J. Soles, Jr., Executive Director, Member Services and Market Sectors , SMACNA, Chantilly, VA


"Llewellyn has worked with Jack McHugh whenever change was needed but direction was missing.  With Jack’s industry knowledge and ability to tap a wide ranging pool of respected publishing professionals with decades of experience, he has brought us in line with industry peers and given expert direction to bring us greater success for the future."

Gabe Weschcke. Vice President Marketing , Llewellyn Worldwide, Woodbury, MN


"I have known Jack McHugh since he was a Director of Programs and Membership at the American Society of Quality, which is a period spanning of 20 years. During the years 1999  through  2001 at SAE we retained Jack for some executive recruiting and for a management audit of our promotion and selling in SAE's Publishing Division. I found Jack's  insights and recommendations to be most useful. His interviewing techniques and probing for answers were first-rate. If you are looking for problem-solving and a job well-done, I would not hesitate to recommend Jack to you."

Will Willems, Executive Director, SAE, Pittsburgh, Retired



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