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McHugh Expert Interviews


These McHugh Expert Interviews are free at John B. McHugh's website. To contact McHugh, call 414-351-3056, email, website



McHugh on Consulting

I-1, McHugh Interviews McHugh on Consulting, 2017, revised

I-10, McHugh Interviews McHugh on Request for Proposal (RFP) Preparation, 2011

Association Publishing

I-2, Using your Association Web Site to Sell More Advertising: An Interview with Richard L Barwis, IV, Cornerstone Media, 2010

I-3, Success in Association Publishing: An Interview with David Beacom of NSTA, 2010

I-13, Increasing Association Magazine Circulation Income: An Interview with Richard Barwis, IV, Cornerstone Media, 2011

Book Publishing

I-49, Book Acquisitions: An Interview with Claire Reinburg, Director NSTA Press, 2010

I-8, Successful Independent Book Publishing: An Interview with Judy Galbraith, Free Spirit Publishing, 2010

I-12, Recent Trends in Trade Book Publishing, An Interview with Jeremy Soldevilla, Christopher Matthews Publishing, 2011


I-14, Copyright Aspects of Social Media: An Interview with Attorney David Koehser, 2010

I-15, Ebooks and Copyright: an Interview with Attorney David Koehser, 2010

I-9, McHugh on Rights and Permissions, 2012

Digital Innovations and STM Publishing

I-5, Innovative Content Distribution: An Interview with Pam Boiros, Books 24x7, 2010

I-17, Innovations in STM Publishing: An Interview with Mark Mandelbaum, American Society of Agronomy, 2010


I-20, Social Media and Social Learning: An Interview with Pam Boiros, Skill/Soft Books 24x7, 2012

Executive Recruiting

I-11, McHugh Interviews McHugh on Executive Recruiting, 2017, revised

Library Market

I-48, The Library Market and Publishers: An Interview with Katina Strauch, Against the Grain, 2010




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